My wishes are often uncommon. Please respect if I wish for a specific brand, model or supplier. There are reasons for these. I use many things and services in a different way than the majority may do. My needs and plans are not always clear and they need not make any sense to you.

One time gifts

I have almost everything I need, and what I don't have, I typically can buy myself. Despite that, some gifts make me happy anyway. If you want to give me something from this category, please let me know before you get it for me and I delete that item from here. I strongly prefer knowing about the gift in advance over possible dealing with two similar items given by two different people.

  • CNC programming course
  • Oscilloscope (digital, at least two channels at 100 MHz)
  • 3D printer (FDM), e.g. Prusa i3 MK3S+
  • Trumpet
  • Course or book on King's Indian Defence (chess)

Repeatable gifts

Some gifts make me happy even if I get 10 of them.

  • gift certificate to GME or another electronic parts store
  • gift certificate to About You or Zoot

Food and drink

Please respect my gluten allergy. Even gluten-free beer may be a problem, I also avoid oats. Random contamination may be also a problem.

  • Old cheese
  • Wine (Welschriesling or Dornfelder are always a good choice)
  • Sausages
  • Old dark Pu-Erh or good Gyokuro


You can also help others helping.


Bitcoin is a bubble for somebody, speculative and risky commodity for others, a future money for me. I currently HODL bitcoins and do not sell. Would you like to support future without money inflation, people saving money and reducing their consumption? Send me some satoshis (parts of bitcoin) to 3LzfbdesEHCkD76gNQ2si4P1D1aTaLej7w.