I'm Maria and this website is just about me.
What I'm doing, what I support and what I like.

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BIRD Internet Routing Daemon

A significant amount of internet traffic is managed by a little software developed in Czechia: BIRD. This software allows the internet nodes to communicate and find suitable paths where to send data. I'm the team leader of project BIRD in CZ.NIC. I also sometimes write a blogpost for CZ.NIC's english blog or czech blog.

Public talks

I presented (mostly) BIRD at several meetings. Linking the recordings here.


Lots of issues can be solved by a one-time software. Some of these were good enough to publish; see my Github profile. My primary programming language is C and Python, yet for the most insane code Perl is unrivaled. Anyway, I can do a lot more and I'm still learning.

Programmers' camp

I participate in Programmers' camp organisation. Mostly I run the kitchen but I also do a little of the educational part.

Hardware, elektronics, IoT

Lots of issues can be solved by a commercial device. I however sometimes prefer to build a custom hardware. It fits my needs better and I also learn something. I'm constructing an automatic heating regulator for my home, model railway control or my own stable current source.

Infrastructure archeology

People have changed the nature at least since ancient times. Somehow special is infrastructure, typically public buildings used for transportation. When a line is rebuilt, traces remain where the railroad, road or other objects used to be. As a hobby, I look for such places where history of these lines can be seen, and I also visit them if possible.


My life led me to many situations where the only feasible solution was to study the appropriate law and judicature and to fight for my rights. I have never studied any law school so my opinions shall not be considered serious advice. Please take them with a grain of salt.

Old blog

I sometimes write some texts suitable for a blog, typically with some political underground. My blog stores also how my opinions were changing during time. Please read the texts in the appropriate context, taking into account the time when they where written. Some of the texts are not my opinion any more, they are anyway valuable to show how one can think about a problem lacking a substantial amount of information.


People sometimes come to me, asking how they could make me happy. Usually this question comes in a situation unsuitable to get any useful answer. I have quite a lot of things, I have often special needs and also some health limitations. To make it easier for me and everybody around, here is my wishlist. Thank you for caring about me.

Wanna text or call me?

You can e-mail me to mq@jmq.cz. I strongly prefer written communication as I can reply when it suits me best. Even if you somehow manage to find my phone number, please don't call me.

I also use some social media and messengers, feel free to use any of them, you may even send me a voice message if you prefer this kind of communication. Please do not call me even this way.